Puppy Body Language: Learn To Communicate With Your LA Dog!

Body language is a large part of communicating with your dog. It is essential to recognize the signals your puppies give off, whether they are happy or angry and frustrated. 

Understanding puppy body language of your Los Angeles fur ball will open up a whole new door to communicating with your pup. If you don’t understand your fur baby’s needs, it can be frustrating for them and you if you don’t know what they are trying to tell you! 

In this blog, we want to help you understand puppy body language so you can communicate and understand your pup. After all, communication is key in any relationship! Including the relationship you have with your beloved dog. 

The Play-Bow

You may have seen a dog pounce, so its front legs are flush against the ground with its bum sticking up in the air! Your dog will most definitely be making eye contact with you because they’re ready to play! Take this opportunity to entertain your puppy. Playing with your dog helps to strengthen your body with them, and it also allows your high-energy puppy to tire itself out. 

Sniffing The Floor and Circling

When puppies are potty training, accidents do happen! If your puppy is in the process of being potty trained, you will see this behavior a lot. When dogs are ready to relieve themselves, they tend to sniff the ground and circle around to find that perfect spot to do their business. When you see this behavior, get your dog outside immediately! Don’t be shy with the praise and treats once your puppy goes to the bathroom outside. They will soon learn that the proper place to relieve themselves is outside, not inside the house. 


The position of your dogs’ tails will say a lot about how they’re feeling at the moment. A tail wag is a signal that owners misinterpret easily. Many pet parents assume that if a dog’s tail is wagging, it means they are happy. To know what emotion your dog is feeling, you must look at the position and the speed of the tail wag. If your dog’s tail is naturally upright and making long sweeps back and forth, that is a telltale sign that your dog is happy or excited. You will likely see this when you leave your dog alone and come back. 

Dogs who have their tails low down to the ground or even tucked indicate that they’re experiencing something negative such as stress. If your puppy also tends to wag their tail closer to the left, this is also a sign that they are not in a good mood. 

Learn To Communicate With Your LA Dog!

Facial Expressions

While dogs cannot express their emotions fully on their faces, some behaviors can still give away what they’re feeling. You may have seen a dog look at you while “smiling.” Usually, when a dog shows their teeth, it means bad news. However, your dog will likely have a loose and relaxed posture in this situation. They are trying to tell you that they mean you no harm and they’re ready to interact with you.

Lip licking is another way to decode what your dog is feeling. After eating or drinking, you will notice that your puppy will lick their lips, which is normal. Dogs will also lick their lips when they feel anxious or stressed out. This is a clear sign that they are not happy! If you see your dog licking their noses and they have their ears pinned back almost down to their head, it’s time to remove your dog from the current situation. 

The Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. That could not be more true for our puppies when reading their body language. Your dogs’ eyes say a lot about how they feel on the inside. If their eyelids are soft and even half-closed, this indicates that they are in a calm state. Wide-open eyes say that your dog is on the alert and maybe unsure about the situation they’re in. If your dog is giving a stern stare to a person or an object, this could mean that they feel threatened. Dogs who are in discomfort will usually avoid eye contact with you and look away. Looking away is not a sign that your dog is ignoring you or misbehaving! 

If you see the white part of your puppys’ eyes, this is known as the “whale eye.” It is a signal that they are uncomfortable with the current situation. You might see this when you’re petting them on the head or if you try to take away food or a toy. 

One thing to note is that you will probably see a combination of these signals at one time. Puppy body language doesn’t have to be a foreign language. As you get to know your dog better, you will be able to pick up on their body language signals much faster so you can decode their needs. Over time, you will be able to read your dog from head to tail! Knowing what your puppy wants and needs will allow you to form a deeper bond with them. 

If you need assistance with dog training or learning how to communicate with your dog effectively, contact us today so we can guide you on the right path for all your training needs!



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