How To Have A Safe Thanksgiving With Your Los Angeles Dog

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get the family together to celebrate all the amazing things in life, including family, friends, and our dogs! All the delicious food and family gatherings can surely be something to look forward to. 

While we are excited to pile tons of turkey and mashed potatoes on our plates, we must consider that our dogs cannot participate in all the Thanksgiving festivities. Since Thanksgiving happens once a year, your dogs may not be used to all the running around and hustle and bustle. Here are some ways to have a safe Thanksgiving With Your Los Angeles Dog so everyone can enjoy the holiday together. 

Have A Safe Thanksgiving By Being Cautious Around Food

  • Turkey – Dogs are carnivores. We know they love the taste and smell of meat! A big turkey is exactly what your dog would love on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner; however, not all parts of a turkey are safe for your pet. Turkey skin is fatty and hard for your dog to digest. Eating a small amount can cause pancreatitis. Cooked bones can come apart easily and can lodge in your dog’s throat.
  • Garlic and Onions – Both are extremely toxic to dogs. They make great additions to your food to add some extra flavor, but never give them to your dogs. Onions can cause anemia and damage to your dogs’ red blood cells.
  • Chocolate and DessertsChocolate is very fatal to your dogs. It is poisonous due to the chemical compound called theobromine, which your dogs cannot metabolize properly. Desserts contain too much sugar for your dog to digest, so keep them far away from desserts.
  • Alcohol – A nice red wine will surely pair nicely with your Thanksgiving meal, but your dog doesn’t need to indulge with you. Alcohol is very toxic to your dog, so keep any wine bottles out of reach, and recycle beer cans immediately after they’re emptied.

If you’re finding your pup jumping up and begging for food while everyone is gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, consider reading Puppy Training Tips for Your New LA Family Member!  

Be Careful With Thanksgiving Decorations

If you opt for any decorations, be sure to keep them out of reach of your pets. Any fake fruits and vegetables might look appetizing to your dog, but it will be bad news if they swallow anything they are not supposed to. Some flowers you put around your home are very dangerous for your pets too. Certain ferns and hydrangeas are not good for your pets. The best practice would be to keep your plants on a high enough plant stand so your dog cannot access them. 

Decorations that have small pieces may also pose a risk to your dog. Make sure they have a reliable “leave it” cue so they know when to stay away from things that should not be getting a hold of. Decorations with ribbons or acorns and pinecones might look enticing to your dog, but they can pose a huge risk to your dog’s health. 

Have A Safe Thanksgiving With Your Los Angeles Pets

Make Sure Your Guests Know How To Interact With Your Dog

Going to a household that has a pet is beyond exciting! Everyone is eager to pet the dog and give plenty of love. Depending on your dog’s temperament, history, and background, this could either be a wonderful experience or a terrifying one. 

You have to keep in mind that you are not only inviting people into your space, but it is your dog’s space as well. Some dogs may be comfortable being around new people, while others will find this challenging. Be sure to debrief your guests on how to interact with your dog. Ensure that your dog has a place they can retreat to for some peace and quiet while you are entertaining your guests. 

When your guests are arriving and leaving, make sure to secure your dog if they have a tendency to bolt out the door. The last thing you want after an amazing Thanksgiving holiday is to chase your dog down the road. 

Thanksgiving with your Los Angeles dog should certainly be a holiday to remember. Creating memories and spending time with loved ones will surely bring joy and happiness to anyone’s life.

If you need help refining your dogs’ skills before the big holiday, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Pawsitive K9 Solutions! Our professional Los Angeles dog trainers are ready to help your pet be the best they can be. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



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