Getting a Puppy for the Holidays? Here are the Dos and Don’ts!

Who didn’t dream of receiving a puppy for the holidays? Every year, thousands of families choose to adopt a puppy or dog into the family. In addition, many pups are given away as presents to individuals as a cuddly gift and companion.

Dogs are genuinely mans’ best friend and could be considered the gift that keeps on giving. That is until that gift grows up to be untrained and unruly. Whether you adopt a puppy or an older dog, most canines need some sort of training and behavioral instruction to help them seamlessly adapt to their new family.

As the ASPCA has stated, they recommend “giving of pets as gifts only to people who have expressed a sustained interest in owning one, and the ability to care for it responsibly.” This includes providing financially for the animal as well as spending sufficient time in sessions to train the dog.

Puppies who have never received training need to learn the foundations about listening to their owners, behaving on walks, and more. Older adopted dogs may come with some bad habits when it comes to jumping up on strangers or pulling on leashes during walks.

Giving a dog as a gift or getting one as a present for the whole family is a beautiful way for everyone to welcome the new addition to the home and build a bond. Furthermore, the process of raising, training, and taking care of a new dog can establish lifelong positive memories while teaching children responsibility.

Here are a few points and suggestions to help you prepare for training your new furry family member!

Puppy for the Holidays Here are the Dos and Don'ts!

Sign Up for Training and Behavioral Classes

Hire a professional to guide you through the intricate process of thoroughly training and instructing your dog! They will know how to read your dog’s body language and breed to offer tailored advice and services. Check Out the Pawsitive K9 Solutions in Los Angeles to get started!

Do: Educate the Whole Family

Training and managing the new puppy shouldn’t fall on just one person in the family. For everyone to live comfortably, it is essential for the dog to be able to handle directions from everyone– even the children or guests. Starting your dog off on the right paw by making them listen to everyone will ensure they are set up for success when it comes to interacting with a variety of people!


Don’t: Forget to Practice

The instruction shouldn’t stop as soon as you exit the training facility. Make sure you practice in between class sessions to reinforce what you learned. It is often said that dog training and behavioral sessions are just as much for the owners as it is for the dogs!


Do: Stay Consistent 

Even after Spot has graduated from training and behavior sessions, it’s important to upkeep what he learned! Just like humans, dogs can become rusty when they haven’t practiced their skills in a while. Try to incorporate obedience and practicing tricks into your daily routine.


Don’t: Skip Classes

Successful dog training requires persistence. As such, it’s crucial to sign up for sessions and hold yourself accountable for attending each session. Pups do well with consistency and attending regular sessions to learn new skills that build on each other is precisely what they need to become well-trained family members!  Check out Pawsitive K9 Solutions Puppy Day School sessions in Los Angeles.  Where your pup is equip with everything they need to be confident relaxed and well-mannered adult dog.


Do: Enjoy Your New Pup!

Pups typically enjoy and value the time they get to spend with their owners in training sessions. The process of training your new pup can be something you enjoy and even look forward to! Use this time to get to know and bond with your dog.

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! For more tips and tricks about dog ownership, take a look at our Pawsitive K9 Solution Blog. Are you ready to get started with Los Angeles dog training? We invite you to Contact Us for a 90-minute consultation!

Puppy for the Holidays



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