Why You Should Hire a Professional Los Angeles Dog Trainer!

Training a dog can be a complex but fun task! If you have recently obtained a new puppy or adult dog, chances are you have been thinking about enrolling them in some training classes to get them started on the right paw!

You do not need to train your dog alone. You should hire a Professional Los Angeles Dog Trainer for many reasons.

A trained and skilled professional can help relieve the stress of ensuring your dog grows up to be a good citizen. This blog will break down the benefits and importance of hiring a professional dog trainer. Having a good dog that listens to and respects you can be an excellent foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

A professional Los Angeles dog trainer understands dog behavior!

Professional dog trainers have dedicated their lives to understanding the ins and out of dog behavior. As dog owners, we may understand the basics. Like when our dogs are happy, hungry, and ready to play. As a dog owner, you might not understand what the subtle signs that our dogs are giving off might mean. For example, if a dog’s ears are pinned back towards the head, it might indicate that they are stressed or fearful. If your dog’s tail points straight up, it may mean that they are mad and ready to react toward whatever has made them unhappy.

If you do not know what these signs mean, it could get you and your pup into a situation that could have been avoided if a professional dog trainer had been involved from the start. Professional dog trainers can help you learn to communicate with your pup, so you both understand each other going forward!

There are different types of dog training to meet your specific goals.

You may not realize it, but there are a few different types of training to opt for when training dogs. The most common form of training is obedience training, which occurs in a lot of puppy training programs.

Obedience training will allow your dog to learn basic cues such as “sit,” “come,” “stay,” etc. If that is all you are looking for training-wise, you can find a professional trainer specializing in basic obedience.

Another common form of training focuses on diminishing unwanted behaviors that may develop later in the dogs’ life. Animal behavior is quite complex, and unless it is something you have studied over time, it may be hard for the average pet owner to understand. A certified dog trainer can help you solidify your understanding of dog behaviors if you are looking to correct them.

We know what proper training techniques to use.

Not all training techniques are suitable for all dogs and the behaviors you would like to teach and correct. The most widely known and accepted form of training focuses on positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement emphasizes the behaviors you want instead of punishing the behaviors you don’t want. This form of training has proved to be very effective.

Positive reinforcement can also include sub-training techniques such as clicker training. Training with positive reinforcement can take a lot of time and patience, but that is why certified dog trainers are here to help you out!

Dog training involves the dog owner just as much as the dog!

As a pet parent, you have to be ready and willing to absorb all that goes into dog training and the critical role you play in it. A professional dog trainer can help you understand that consistency, patience, and love can help make dog training successful.

Your dog looks to you as their guide, and you must know what you want out of your dog. Being straightforward and consistent with your expectations will minimize any confusion and potential behavioral setbacks.

Let’s get your pup trained!

Hiring a professional Los Angeles dog trainer can also give you the flexibility to schedule training sessions around your busy schedule. Most trainers can make house calls and spend an hour or more of Private Training with you and your pup.

You can also look into Board and Train programs which are essentially dog boot camp programs. Your dog will live with a professional dog trainer for an agreed-upon amount of time. Depending on their training needs, they can spend between 2 weeks and six months in a board and train program. The training will provide them with all the necessary tools they need to become good canine citizens.

If you need help getting started with a training program, book your Initial Consultation online with Pawsitive K9 Solutions today! We will be happy to speak with you and evaluate your dogs’ needs.



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