The Undeniable Benefits of Clicker Training for Dogs

Taking a kind approach to training your dog is a sure way to establish a close bond with your pup while efficiently leading them to more desirable behaviors. Clicker Training for dogs is a force-free method using positive reinforcement to reward them for their good behavior.

As opposed to more intimidating and dominant-driven training strategies, Clicker Training is a celebrated technique for being both efficient and effective. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of Clicker Training and how you can use this strategy to build a fulfilling and enjoyable life with your canine friend! 

What is Clicker Training for Dogs?

Also known as the “mark and reward” training method, Clicker Training involves the use of a noise-making device to help your dog create a favorable association between the clicker marker and good behavior. By subscribing to this type of training, you can effectively communicate with your dog while reinforcing the tricks or desirable behavior you want to see from them.

Similar to other positive reinforcement training strategies, the “click” sound becomes a signal to the dog that they did something correctly. Since dogs thrive on knowing that they have pleased their owners, most quickly pick up on the Clicker Training method. 

What Are the Benefits of Clicker Training?

This form of training stands out amongst others as it leverages the dogs desire to please while tuning in to their sensitive hearing and love for treats. In a study reported on National Geographic, it was reported that modern dogs are born with an instinct to love, trust, and obey humans.

As such, training techniques that are designed to scare or intimidate dogs into obedience are ineffective as they create a negative experience and generate a tense relationship between humans and canines. Clicker Training allows the owner to bond with their dog while creating a productive training experience.

Benefits of Clicker Training 

  • Known for Quick Results
  • Avoids Intimidation Tactics
  • Can Be Enforced Anywhere
  • Creates a Positive Experience
  • Facilitates a Bond Between Human and Dog

How Do I Correctly Clicker Train My Dog?

You will want to start Clicker Training by teaching your pup about the purpose and meaning of the “click” of the device. This part is quite simple because all you need to do is reward your dog with a training treat immediately after the clicker marker.

To establish the baseline that the device is positive and leads to treats, you’ll want to repeat this action quite a few times until they associate the “click” with rewards. Once your dog seems to understand, you can move into shaping or capturing them into performing good behaviors and giving them a “click” and a treat when they do well. 

After a few rounds of clicking and treating, your dog will recognize that they will receive a treat and a clicker marker once they demonstrate good behavior. Continue to reward them intermittently between clicks to reinforce the positive connection, and enjoy the benefits of using a force-free approach to training your dog! 

Want to Know More About Clicker Training?

According to the Humane Society, “Because the reward makes them more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior.” As such, Clicker Training is one of the most effective methods for getting them to consistently demonstrate the good behaviors you want to see.

Here at Pawsitive K9 Solutions, we are a Los Angeles dog training service with a focus on positive reinforcement. For more information about appropriate Clicker Training, we invite you to schedule an Initial Consultation with us or Contact Us at any time! 



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