The Time and Cost Commitment of Dog Training

Investing in quality dog training as soon as possible will save you time, money, and effort in the long run. While dogs that are adequately trained from the get-go can be a blessing to their household, untrained dogs can be quite disruptive to the lives of their owners.

There’s no doubt that training your dog will take some time, and the cost to do it correctly is priceless. Having an expert Los Angeles dog trainer by your side every step of the way will make the process as time and cost-effective as possible.

We’ve got the answers to all of your burning questions about the time and cost commitment of training your puppy or dog!

How Long Does Dog Training Take?

How long it takes your dog to be fully trained depends on a variety of factors. These elements include the breed of the dog as well as the size of the dog. According to Psychology Today, smaller dogs with tinier bladders are more prone to accidents in the house. Furthermore, breeds genetically distant from their ancestors who had to keep dens clean do not always have the innate drive to not soil in the house.

Therefore, your dog’s size and breed will play a part in how long it takes them to pick up on what they’re being taught. In addition to these traits, the dog’s background knowledge as well as the owner’s dedication to practicing and upholding behavioral standards at home.

With all that in mind, a dog can typically be properly trained between 4-6 weeks with at-home practice and Private Dog Training sessions. However, owners who would like their dog to be trained in a fraction of that time can opt to Board and Train their dog.

How Can I Train My Dog Quickly?

Many pet owners enjoy the Board and Train option because it means your dog gets to go home with a certified professional to receive more intensive training. Depending on your expectations and your dog’s needed level of training, you can choose to send your dog to live with an expert dog trainer for anywhere between one week to an entire month!

Of course, you’ll have to upkeep their training through daily practice once they return home. However, the Board and Train route often exceed what dogs learn in the normal Private Dog Training sessions. For example, while living with a certified trainer, your dog would receive consistent one-on-one attention and socialization with other dogs in addition to the standard foundation training.

How Long Does Puppy Training Take?

Just like with grown dogs, the length of time it takes to train a puppy will depend on the puppy’s breed, size, and the owner’s consistency at home. To give you an estimated length of time, as stated by Fetch by WebMD, “It typically takes 4-6 months for a puppy to be fully house trained, but some puppies may take up to a year.”

Before you choose a plan of action to train your dog, consider your expectations and daily routine. If your dog needs basic obedience training, you may only need a few Private Dog Training sessions or a Puppy Day School a few times a week.

Puppies that demonstrate extreme or more stubborn behavioral issues may require an extended amount of Private Dog Training or a longer stint in Puppy Day School. To determine your specific puppy’s needs, reach out to us at any time for a Los Angeles puppy training Initial Consultation.

During this conversation, we’ll assess your dog’s behavior, discover what motivates your dog, and suggest a course of action to train your puppy adequately. One of our certified puppy training experts will be able to provide you with an estimated length of time it would take to train your dog based on the chosen plan.

What is the cost of not getting it right?

Paying for a certified expert to train your dog is an investment. In fact, it can mean the difference between you living with your dog harmoniously or living a life of frustration. Sufficiently trained dogs know how to communicate with their owners and adapt to expectations for a comfortable and happy home.

On The other hand, dogs who go untrained live without the tools to communicate and often cause chronic destruction, anxiety, and agitation from unchecked behaviors. Understandably, how much it will cost to train your dog properly will vary depending on your expectations, lifestyle, and training needs.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost? 

Valuable Private Dog Training sessions start at $200 per session, with many dogs and their owners needing 8-12 sessions to get the hang of what is taught. For a more streamlined and expedited process, you can choose to Board and Train your dog with packages starting at $1,500 and going up to $8,400 for 5-30 days of immersive training while living with a certified professional.

Hire A Los Angeles Dog Trainer

Our Pawsitive K9 Solutions expert dog trainers are happy to meet with you at any time to assess your dog’s behavior and help determine a plan to train your dog. From Private Dog Training sessions and Puppy Day School to more intensive Board and Train options, we’re here to provide training solutions that fit your goals and lifestyle!

Check out our informative blog for more insight into Why You Should Hire a Professional Los Angeles Dog Trainer, and Contact Us for more information about our many dog training programs designed to fit your needs!



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