Using Online Reviews To Find The Best Dog Trainer In Los Angeles

When was the last time you typed in “dog trainer near me” or “dog training in Los Angeles”? Probably recently and that is how you ended up here! Well, if that’s the case, Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

There was a time when it was a difficult task to get quality information. That has all changed now, thanks to the internet. Wherever you are, you should be able to lay hands on any information you require, so long you know how to find it. Today’s article will show you how to use online reviews to find the best professional dog trainers in Los Angeles.

How Helpful Are Online Reviews When Looking for an LA Dog Trainer?

In case you are wondering how helpful online reviews might be, here are many reasons we (and most of the people online) think they could prove beneficial when seeking a dog trainer.

More Options

The truth is, if you tried Going around Los Angeles by yourself to find the perfect dog trainer for your canine, you would only see some of the possible options available. Most trainers do not have office spaces or signposts around the city advertising themselves. However, if you try online reviews, you will find many trainers who might not be available offline but are good at the job.

Saves Time

Instead of spending time looking for a dog trainer, you can save yourself stress by using online reviews. What’s more? You can quickly skim through tons of trainers and find the perfect fit for you, your budget, and your pet.

Instead of relying on archaic reviews written on an almost fading signpost somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Los Angeles, you can go online and find up-to-date reviews of who is doing the best in training dogs. Doing this will assure you when you hand your dog over for training.

What To Look For In An Online Dog Trainer Review

When checking for a trainer online, there are clear-cut qualities you should be on the lookout for. When you read through reviews, you will find that each one is unique and share some information about the trainer and how he does his job. Here are the things to watch out for in reviews:


As you read the reviews, watch out for the words describing the trainer’s personality. This would help you choose someone with a character you admire. If most reviews describe the trainer as easygoing and passionate about what they do, then you can be sure that’s what you and your dog are paying for.

Work Ethic

This is one essential aspect you must look out for. Does the trainer keep to time? Do they understand how to handle a dog? What are the preferred methods and styles the trainer adheres to? As you read through the reviews, these and other aspects of work ethics should be on your mind.


Having an experienced dog trainer would help you and your dog. So ensure that’s what you are going for as you read the comments. Check for words that have to do with the trainer’s expertise.

Special Abilities

Another thing you should watch out for is special abilities. Does the trainer have a magical way with some dog breeds? Are they better with bigger dogs or smaller ones? Do they know how to handle dogs that have been physically abused? These and more of such unique qualities should be things you are paying attention to.

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Can I Trust Online Reviews?

While it is true that you cannot trust everything you find online, it’s also true that you can find good and trustworthy information online. However, it would be best to keep your mind open (in every direction) when reading online reviews for dog trainers in Los Angeles.

Dogs are a dear part of our society; no sane person would want their furry friends hurt. This is one reason why most online reviews you find will be legitimate. If you find a hundred reviews and over ninety-five percent are accurate, then you should be able to trust such a trainer. This is not to say that negative reviews should be discarded. You should read through them and glean any information you can.

Also, check for the response of the dog trainer or company’s response. Their response will also help you know what kind of customer service you will likely receive. While at it, you can also check out our service and reviews at Pawsitive K9 Solutions. We might turn out to be the perfect fit for you and your beloved dog!

An online review is not your only chance to evaluate the trainer. The initial consultation is your chance to ask all the questions on your mind and allay your fears. You and your pet can meet up with the trainer and have a great discussion which would determine your final decision.

Final Thought on Using Online Reviews to Find the Best Dog Trainer in LA

Getting a great dog trainer in the Los Angeles area should be easy if you use online reviews and follow our recommendations above. Find the right dog trainer, and remember to always leave a review for the business and others so other pet parents can find them, too.



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