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Lori Powell

Owner, and Operator of Pawsitive K9 Solutions
Hi, I’m Lori, a certified dog trainer and founder of Pawsitive K9 Solutions. I specialize in coaching new puppy parents and building unbreakable bonds with your new puppy. I provide dog training services with a special focus on puppy training and behavioral therapy to help your puppy transition into a well-mannered dog, you can take everywhere you go with confidence. I have over two decades of commitment to positive dog training and owner education.

My specialty includes dealing with behavioral concerns, basic manners, and communication using proven methods in the most humane way possible to give puppies and pet parents the tools they need to build a healthy, loving relationship.

I will help you capitalize on your puppy’s critical learning stage to get the training results you want in a fraction of the time and will provide continued help and support for stronger, lasting results. At Pawsitive K9 Solutions, we are committed to building unbreakable bonds between dogs and their owners.


WHY did I decide to work with dogs,  A deep desire to help, offer support, and it is extremely rewarding.

I love watching the transformation and connection of a new dog or puppy with their family.  I assist them with communication so that they can connect and live together in harmony.




Hi.   I’m Brittany, a Professional Puppy & Dog Trainer. I have worked alongside Lori since 2014 as a dog walker and pet care provider with Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals. I have also worked as a Floor Supervisor at Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies, where I was trained on pet nutrition for 3 years. Prior to that, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University at Dominquez Hills.

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Hi.  I’m Ashley,I have a German Shepard named Kora who I trained on my own since she was 7 weeks old. I love all animals, I also have two other adult dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig at home. I am working to transform my love for animals into a career pet sitting and dog training. I spend most of my time with my animals, camping, going to the beach and hiking.
Ashley Dog Trainer



Hi.  I’m Ayme, a trainer and a recent graduate of California State University of Dominguez Hills, where I majored in psychology. I have previous experience working as a positive reinforcement dog trainer at Petsmart where I instructed group obedience classes at skill levels ranging from puppy/beginner obedience, to advanced classes. I also frequently held my own private lessons, where I worked 1-on-1 with pet parents to ensure the success of their pups! My main goal was, and always will be, to foster a positive relationship for dogs and their owners through clear communication, problem solving, and force free methods to ensure well mannered, happy, and socialized pups. 

Dogs, and dog training, are my passion. I own four dogs that I have personally trained, and have even gone on to trick title a few. Not only do I train my dogs, but we frequently attend and participate in dog sporting events such as: fastCAT, Barn Hunt, and Agility! There’s nothing more rewarding to me than watching my dogs overcome obstacles, problem solved, and gain more confidence in themselves, all while having fun! 



Office Assistant, Animal Lover

Hello, I’m a lifelong animal lover and pet services business owner as well. I work in the back office helping to ensure business is flowing smoothly. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the all lovely furry faces that come across my screen on a daily basis. I live with my husband and 2 rescue Shih Tzu’s Benny & Charlie in Carefree, Arizona. In my spare time, I enjoy being outside, running, and traveling.

Lisa - Office Assistant, Animal Lover