Frequently Asked Questions

I have a puppy, how old do they need to be to start classes?

They can start now as long as they’ve had their first round of shots and are in the process of getting all other shots. They have their own private area inside and outside with artificial turf potty stations.

What methods are used in training?

Pawsitive K9 Solutions utilizes positive reinforcement-based training methods. This approach focuses on rewarding desired behaviors, which encourages the dog to repeat these behaviors. Positive reinforcement is known for being effective and humane, creating a positive learning environment for the dog.

Is there post-training support available?

Yes, we offer post-training support with our Board and Train program.  These are transfer sessions, which are designed to help transfer the knowledge and skills your dog has acquired to you. These sessions help explain the learned words also known as “canine dictionary” ensuring that you understand and can effectively use the cues and behaviors your dog has been taught. This ensures a smooth transition and continuity in your dog’s training and behavior once they return home.

What qualifications do the trainers at Pawsitive K9 Solutions hold?

Our trainers have successfully completed the Karen Pryor Puppy/Dog Start Right Instructor program, earning their certification as KPA trainers. This specialized certification signifies that they possess the essential skills and knowledge required for high-quality puppy training. Our trainers are thoroughly trained to apply effective, science-based training methods to ensure the best outcomes for your puppy’s development.

What training programs are offered?

Various programs are available, including Board and Train, Pup/Dog Day School and Private Training sessions.

Can I visit my dog during the Board and Train program?
We understand the bond you share with your pet and the desire to stay connected during their training period. To maintain the effectiveness of our training program and ensure the well-being of all dogs in our care, we have established a specific approach to keep you informed and connected with your pet, while also minimizing distractions and stress for the dogs.
Daily Training Updates with Videos: Instead of in-person visitations, we provide comprehensive daily updates. These updates include videos showing your pet’s training progress, allowing you to see the advancements they are making each day.
Virtual Visits via FaceTime: Recognizing the importance of visual connection, we offer the option of short virtual visits through FaceTime. This way, you can see your pet and interact with them without causing the disruption that physical visits can bring.
Why We Limit Physical Visits: We prioritize the well-being and training effectiveness for all dogs in our program. Physical visitations can be highly distracting and even stressful for dogs in training. They often become excited to see their owners, and the subsequent departure can cause anxiety and disrupt the focus and progress of not only your pet but also other dogs in the training session.


What are the vaccination requirements for training?

Puppies need to have their first round of vaccinations to begin training.
Adult pups need: Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus (DHPP) and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Can I request personal references from existing clients of Pawsitive K9 Solutions?
Certainly! We value the trust you place in us for your dog training needs. If you’re interested in hearing about the experiences of our existing clients, we are happy to provide personal references. These clients have firsthand experience with our training programs and can provide insights into their experiences with us. Please contact us, and we’ll arrange for you to connect with them.