Puppy Day School

Not Your Average Puppy Day School!

All Day Puppy Bootcamp

While participating in our All-Day Puppy Bootcamp, your puppy will benefit from attentive, full-service care in addition to our renowned puppy training solutions. Let us take the stress out of owning a new puppy by doing all the work for you! 

From proper socialization with other dogs to mind-growing enrichment, we are a one-stop shop for owners seeking training solutions for their youngster.

Our Classes are structured like regular school programs to set your puppy up for success.  Let us shape your new puppy into a Dream Dog you can take anywhere while eliminating future problem behavior.  

Puppy Baseline Skills Class

Before you plunge your puppy into learning impressive tricks, it is essential that they start off on a solid foundation of basic skills. Modeled after the KPA Puppy Start Right, we have designed our Puppy Baseline Skills Class to set your puppy up for success when it comes to living harmoniously with you and your family while interacting with other people and dogs.

In addition to the important socialization your pup will receive by interacting with other dogs and the hands-on training from our expert staff members, you’ll receive unlimited access to the Pawsitive K9 Solutions Puppy Video Vault and Teenage Video Vault.

Puppy Dayschool

Curriculum: Rock Solid Foundations

To reach your puppy’s full potential we first need to build amazing foundations. In this program I’ll help you understand your puppy’s innermost motivators, how to supercharge play, build an incredible connection and perfect key skills to help you expertly navigate your puppy’s first few weeks and prevent problem behaviors from arising.

• Understanding body language
• Preventing aggression
• Impulse control
• Nipping/mouthing
• Chewing
• Sleep
• Play
• Outlets for natural behaviors
• Enrichment
• Confidence
• Handling
• Potty training
• Socialization
• Desensitization Training
• Jumping up
• Barking
• Appropriate/inappropriate dog play
• Any other specific problems that arise
• Signal of reward
• Hand targeting
• Settle
• Loose lead walking
• Recall
• Drop
• Stay
• Leave it

The program is based on the acclaimed Puppy Start Right book by veterinary behaviorist Kenneth M. Martin, DVM and Debbie Martin, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, LVT, VTS. The curriculum includes Foundation training and socialization, puppy start right preschool class curriculum, field trips, and group puppy play sessions.

Why it Works?

All Day Puppy Camp is for an entire semester, so that we can establish and maintain a daily routine with your puppy, which promotes effective learning. Puppies thrive with structure and consistency!  Puppies quickly learn what is expected of them, develop good behavior patterns, all the while preventing problem behavior from arising.  By being with our students regularly during the most crucial first months of their lives, we are preventing the cost of not getting it right from the beginning!

How it Works?

Choose the Program that fits your schedule.  Puppies join us for All Day Puppy Camp for a semester and we do all of the pick ups (7:00am-9:00am) and drop offs (3:00-5:00pm).  At the end of the school day pet parents are filled in on how their puppy performed, given homework, helpful videos, and their pup’s progress via our online portal. Parent’s are given access to our Online Pawsitive K9 Online Video vault and support via text with “Trainer in Your Pocket”.

What’s Included:

  • Full-Scale Socialization with Other Dogs
  • Comprehensive Foundation Training 
  • Field Trips to Build Experience with Vehicles
  • Positive Reinforcement-Based Training
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Access to our exclusive Pawsitive K9 Solutions dog training online library
  • Daily Pickup and Drop Off Shuttle Service (Monday-Friday 9 AM-3 PM)

All Day Puppy Bootcamp Prerequisites

Puppy must be at least 8 weeks old to be eligible for enrollment.  Puppy is required to have a minimum of one set of distemper and parvo vaccines at least one week before the first class and have a Bordetella vaccine. All vaccines should be kept up to date throughout the Puppy classes. Proof of vaccinations are required.



Choose a program that fits your schedule:

We’re excited to play with, enrich, and train your puppy! Please feel free to Reach Out with any questions you may have about our Los Angeles Puppy Training methods and services. 

Check out our other services

Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training

Fully customized 1-hour sessions to fit your goals & needs including real life environment demonstrations, complete with behavior modifications and basic obedience.

What you get

  • One on one training with you, your dog, and a Certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer
  • Assessment of goals and expectations
  • Customized recommendations of next steps for success
  • Solutions for unwanted behaviors such as barking, lunging, jumping, pulling on leash while walking, and potty training
  • Access to our exclusive Pawsitive K9 Solutions dog training online library
    Board & Train

    Board & Train(Puppy Day School included with any Board & Train package)

    This intensive “Puppy Bootcamp” program is geared towards reconditioning your dog’s behavior and establishing new behavioral patterns, getting rid of bad habits, and creating new routines.

    What you get

    • In your Home consultation to assess your goals and expectations
    • Foundation Training
    • Fast tracked dog training in a fraction of time
    • Socialization with other dogs during the most critical time of their lives
    • Trainer in your pocket to give you wisdom via e-mail, text messages, and messenger
    • Access to our exclusive Pawsitive K9 Solutions Online dog training library
    • Transportation (From your home to mine)
    • In your home Transfer sessions